Urban Timber Means Happy Trees


The late, great Bob Ross would be so pleased with today’s holiday deal that he would likely launch into a painting of an entire forest of happy trees. Why? you may wonder. Well, because today’s deal is all about happy trees. Okay, let’s back it up. Actually, today—day 10 of the 12 Days of Mosaics—happy trees everywhere are rejoicing because Urban Timber tiles are 25% off, which means folks like you and me can have the appearance of wood with the elegance of our top-of-the-line Provenza porcelain tile.

Provenza’s Lignes line is as close to real-looking wood as you can find in the porcelain tile market. Created to look like real wood yet preserving the finest qualities Provenza tiles offer, the Urban Timber tiles are resistant to even the heaviest punch Mother Nature can pack. (How many happy trees can say that?!) Waterproof and chemical- and frost-resistant make this an extremely versatile option.


“Sssshhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m NOT real wood!”

 Ready to support happy trees everywhere? Click here to order your Urban Timber tiles, and get 25% off using coupon code MOSAICS through tomorrow.



Living Dangerously on the Dark Side


In childhood and now even as adults we’re often tempted by or perhaps warned about the “Dark Side.” But we’re hedging our bets and living dangerously on this, the ninth day of the 12 Days of Mosaics, and we want you to live dangerously too! So throw caution to the wind and take a little trip with us to the Dark Side, where you’ll find Emperador dark Spanish marble strips at 25% off the regular price.

Mosaic Tile & Stone - On Sale Now

What you’ll find on the dark side.


The elegant tiles are a warm and welcoming caramel brown with lighter, web-like veins. The perfect selection for bathrooms and backsplashes, the neatly aligned strips are also an ideal accent to lighter-colored, larger-tile floors, offering a dramatic and adventurous contrast that some may consider edgy or, dare we say, dangerous!


Accent the light with the dark.


Through tomorrow, enjoy 25% off the Emperador dark marble tiles using coupon code MOSAICS. Click here for your ticket to the dark side.


Day 8: Of Marble and Circles and No Bad Rhymes


On the twelfth day of mosaics, my true love gave to me… forget it. We’re not going to diminish the natural beauty of these GORGEOUS mosaic tiles by trying to come up with a kitschy holiday rhyme. Let’s get to the beauty of the matter: today’s 25%-off selection is, in a word, breathtaking. The premium-grade crema marfil tumbled marble tiles make a statement in whatever setting you choose. Made of natural Spanish marble, the tiles feature beige and ivory mosaic shapes that seamlessly create larger interlocking circles.


Circles Makes A Square

Circle makes a square.

This highly sought-after tile is as elegant as it is unique. Ideal for shower floors and walls, fountains, pools, barbeques or kitchen backsplashes, this selection works both inside and out and will bring an international level of sophistication to any setting. There. Rhyme with that!

A crema marfil interlocking circle kitchen backsplash.

Get 25% off the crema marfil interlocking circle mosaic tiles through tomorrow with coupon code MOSAICS. Click here to get started. 


Day 7: Catch a Buzz


What’s the buzz around the tile hive today? It’s the great deal we’re offering for day seven of the 12 Days of Mosaics. The buzz-worthy deal? Twenty-five percent off our one-inch Calacatta hexagon mosaic tiles, aka honeycomb mosaics. Today and tomorrow enjoy the impressive savings you’ll receive on the premium-grade Italian marble tiles, which are, in a word, exquisite. The white hexagon-shaped, honed-finish tiles feature hints of grey and gold making them the versatile—and perfect—option for any tiling project. Interior or exterior, commercial or residential, these tiles work overtime (just like a good worker bee!) to command beauty and functionality on bath and shower projects, pools and spas, fountains and anywhere else you want to make a splash … or create a buzz!


Buzz-worthy honeycomb mosaic

Click here to get started, and use coupon code MOSAICS when you check out.


Mosaic Tile’s Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Home for the Holidays

Unless you’re leaving on a jet plane for the holiday season, chances are, you’re starting to think about getting your house ready for the guest list that’s growing by the minute. It doesn’t take much to spruce your home up, especially if you start tackling your to do list one day at a time. We’ve compiled a list of five ways to cozy up your home and have your guests wondering how you manage it all with a smile on your face!

- Clean, clean, clean: start by freshening the baseboards and crown moulding with a new coat of paint. You’ll be amazed how much brighter and airy a room can feel with this small touch. Take the time to dust down your lampshades and your ceiling fan blades: the last thing you want is dust floating down into your guests’ drinks! If you have the time, deep clean your upholstery, especially if you have pets, and potential guests with fur allergies. Finally, give the fridge a quick scrub-down of any spilled food or drink.
- Update the guest bedroom, particularly if you’re having overnight visitors. Get a new bedspread, or, if you have a reversible comforter, flip it over and save yourself a trip to the store! A quick way to liven up a room is to change out the pillows or the artwork. By going from room to room, you can collect wonderful oddities to assemble on bedside stands; artwork isn’t limited to paintings and photographs on the wall. If you’re feeling particularly festive, check out Pinterest for some great holiday printables that can be popped into a frame for a quick and inexpensive wall piece! Check out this post from Better Homes & Gardens for some more ideas.
- Install a tile backsplash. Backsplashes are a fun and affordable way to add flare and custom appeal to the kitchen. Considering the kitchen is the heart of the home, and tends to get the most traffic during the holiday season, this could score you some major compliment points during dinner parties! If you don’t want to carry the backsplash up to the ceiling, you can even opt for a decorative pattern that ends at the cabinetry.

- Plan a contemporary holiday table, complete with all the elegant trimmings. For winter holidays, a snow white tablecloth sets you up for a classy winter theme where you pick the color scheme. Or, if you have a rustic wooden table, use a table runner instead of hiding the natural surface. Break out some of your nice china and shop for some playful napkins with a touch of color to compliment the holiday spirit. Venture from the traditional poinsettias for table decor, and opt for hydrangeas or carnations for some unexpected design flare.



- Replace old bathroom towels. This seems simple enough, right? If your towels are starting to look a little worn, this is the perfect excuse to go buy more! Don’t go over the top (unless you can get away with it), but picking up some new hand towels in bold colors can liven up a bathroom without any big out of pocket expense. If you want to take it a step further, you can even place a basket or tray by the sink and display neatly folded towels for that extra touch of elegance.

As you invest in new niceties for your guests, think beyond the holidays. Choose touches that aren’t too seasonal so that you and your family can also enjoy these special touches year-round!

Happy holidays, all!

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