Using Tile on the Stairs: Tips from Mosaic Tile & Stone

As one of the most versatile decorating elements in a home, tile can be used in any room of your house. While some of the most popular uses are for kitchen backsplashes and floors, one of the most architecturally and aesthetically pleasing uses is as decor for the stairs! Stair risers, the vertical element in a set of stairs between one step and the next, often get left out in home decor and renovation.

But never fear: we’re here to speak up for the stair risers.

Tile a beautiful design element that add surprisingly affordable aesthetics to your stairs that will add serious style and spark conversation among visitors. Tiled stair risers are an art piece, and because the square footage is small, you can really explore a wide variety of options, especially if you’re on a budget.

tilestairsYour creativity defines the way you use tiles on your stairs. While consistency and uniformity may be important in other areas of the home, you can get a little wild with stair risers. Pick a single, defining element among various tiles and let that guide you. Perhaps you want a touch of blue or brown in each tile you select. Notice in the photo to the left that each of the stair risers here are different, but collectively complement one another and add a truly stunning pop of color and pattern in this house.
Consider selecting two different tiles and create alternating patterns. Doing this helps build a genuinely defined space for each individual step, and layers patterns together for a sophisticated touch that will have your guests wondering if an interior designer picked your stair risers out for you! As long as your tiles tie together and don’t clash, this can give you an absolutely stunning result.

uniformIf you’re more inclined to select one tile and one tile alone, your wow factor won’t be any less. Particularly with long, tall stairs, a single pattern adds drama and elegance to a small space that could otherwise be overlooked. The photo to the left with the single tile pattern is one of our Tabarka hand painted terra cotta tiles that can be found here.

We recommend using browsing our Art Tile collection if you’re looking to renovate your stairs or incorporate beautiful stair riser tile in your home. If you use one of our tiles for your project, let us know! We’d love to see the results!

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