Beige isn’t always Best.

Today’s interior design trends are all about being bold. Most of the world’s most beautiful homes have unique pops of color that give them character and originality.  If you want to be ranked among those homes, then you should look for something that will set your flooring apart from the mundane.

Here are a few trends that are gathering quite a following—use them in your home and add a fun and stylish twist to an already beautiful décor.


Traditional square and rectangular shapes are what have been laid for decades in homes across the world.  Even more specifically, 12 by 12 inch squares have always been the standard -  until recently. If you want to stand out and keep up with the interior design trends, then you should choose larger tiles. Fortunately, technology no longer prohibits the cutting and transportation of anything larger than the standard. Circular tile and intricate mosaic patterns are also becoming popular.


Neutral tiles will always be “in” when it comes to flooring. Stone and tile flooring materials feel more welcoming because they look more natural.  However, some use color tiles to create attention-grabbing accents amidst the neutral-colored tiles. It is becoming more and more common to see blue or green mosaic backsplashes in kitchens to add color and personality to the room.


Again, the more unique your tile work, the better. If you lay down generic beige tile in your house, no one will even notice the floor. It can also throw off the whole mood of the room. However, if there are slight imperfections in your tile, as is common in ceramic tile and tumbled stone, it is not only easier on the eyes, but it can increase a home’s aesthetic appeal and value.

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